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A Digital Agency

We use the latest in design software to ensure rapid and reliably service.

Client Support

We have been in business since 1934, so we will always be here for you.

Problem Solvers

We don’t run away from any project or problem, we are here to help you.

Forward Thinking

Our design team strives to bring the future in design trends.


We offer a complete list of services for our clients.

  • Feasibility and Cost Studies
  • Design Consultation
  • Master Planning and Site Design
  • Programming
  • Pre-Design Studies
  • Interior Design
  • Renovation, Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse
  • Space Planning
  • Estimating
  • Scheduling and Project Coordination
  • Contract Documents and Specifications
  • Bidding and Contract Negotiation
  • Project Management and Construction Inspection
  • Exterior Restoration
  • Roof Evaluation /Replacement

Construction Inspection

Our staff includes a full-time inspector with extensive experience in the construction field. On-site inspection at regular intervals during the construction process assures that the design and intent of the contract documents are being fulfilled.

Inspection of the construction is of major importance to the
success of the building project

A specialist from our office will provide on-site inspections on a regular schedule. During inspections we will:
Always check critical work such as:

  1. Structural and form preparation before concrete pours
  2. Proper installation of heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical services before these items are covered by other construction
  3. Check fabricator’s shop drawings
  4. Provide supplemental details and information as needed.
  5. Certify contract completion when the building is ready for occupancy.

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